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would anybody be interested in developing a game? just wondering... =X visual novel/simple rpg/side scroller maybe, something that's more anime-ish in style ;3 would need programmers/artists/someonetocomeupwithastory/musiccomposers/etc.... was thinking about starting a project if i can find others interested ;3


Dangit sringangel and elmoblais!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally caved in and watched No. 6 when I should be waiting for another 3 weeks. Now I have to go through the horrible WAITING-FOR-A-WEEK routine and it's all your fault!! Both of you!!! ARGH!! *pulls hair*
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Goodbye Facebook!

So, I deactivated my Facebook account (and life went on,) :D
Those of you who know me, will know where to find me ;3 I'll still be on MSN anyways :D

Oh on the journey back from Malaysia, I got to watch GANTZ: Perfect Answer! (ENG SUB THANK YOU SINGAPORE AIRLINES) Now, I watched the first GANTZ movie on my way TO Malaysia and thought it was REALLY GOOD, so I was very excited to see it on the entertainment booklet. I have to say that I still liked the first part better. I don't know, I just thought Perfect Answer was not... the Perfect Answer to my questions and expectations. Granted I have never read the manga or watched the anime. Maybe someone else can explain to me what was going on there.
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Because this was too hillarious.

There's been construction going on around the H.R Bright building, where my classes usually are, so they've put up fences around to block certains areas and etc.

This... is a story about a victim of the on-going construction on campus. A victim who was trapped and isolated from the rest of the world. Meet...

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Winter break break break break!

Winter break winter break winter break dudududade~ I want to go back to Malaysia so.darn.bad. :( :( :( Mama ni aitai T__T Expensive airline tickets stand in my way so I am unable to return :( Summer. Must go back in the summer! *_*

Anyhoo, after I got out of work today, I had about 20 mins of free time while waiting for the bus today so I took some pictures of the campus.

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I've been having WAY too much of these cookiesCollapse ) this semester. I've had way over 10 of them (for lunch.) But sometimes I don't have time (or too lazy to) go anywhere else so i just get some cookies from the cafe at the library ;(


After two years! 7th story~~ Although there were a few tracks I wasn't interested in, I shall continue to worship SH <3
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Haven't had time to update LJ because I'm just busy as hell this semester. I looked at the calender and I realised I'm only into the 9th week of the semester! It feels like I've been through 6 months though =o= 8 weeks to go!! I hate my life right now but I WILL PERSEVEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
You guys hang in there too~!!!!

I met up with my ex roommate yesterday night for dinner! :)
Went to a hamburger place called Chicken Oil Company. Seriously, having had to have McD almost everyweek (because I'm broke and I can only live off the dollar menu and I don't have time to go home) I thought that I probably wouldn't enjoy the food much but it turned out to be pretty good, for a hamburger ;p

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This really makes me want to have a cat of my own T__TCollapse )

Halloween is next week!! Any of you have any plans? :)
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What came in my inbox last week!!Collapse )

;___; Finally. The University's main financial aid and scholarship center is mean. Thank you CSE Department! ;O; In state tuition wheeeeee!

Now. It's Sunday evening and there's homework to be done! :(

Before that, here's a PV of Karasu's Lastica! Nice mix of band members :D Tatsuro from MUCC, Hiroto from Alice Nine, Mizuki from Sadie, dunchi from jealkb and kenzo from Ayabie. Hopefully they release more songs 8D

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Today... was one of those days.

So on Tuesdays I have an 8am class and I usually don't do very well waking up for 8am classes... I was rushing and all to get to class. Walked out, looked at the sky, thought it was a little darker than it should be, thought that I should go in and grab my umbrella, looked at my watch and decided against it. So off to class I go without an umbrella thinking "Nyeh, it probably won't rain that bad."


RIGHT after my last class of the day, as I started walking towards the bus (about 8-10 minutes walk) it STARTED TO POUR. HARD. Tried to walk a little faster and then the god damn strap of my left sandal decided to SNAP. Hooray. Threw that sandal away and had to run with one foot bare to the Trigon (where the buses are.) I was queuing up for the bus, still getting soaked here, and as I was about to board the bus, I realised that was NOT the bus to my apartment. I also saw my bus in front leaving before I could run over there. Hooray again. Well after the next bus came, I managed to get back home, took a shower and decided NOT to step foot out of the apartment for the rest of the day. Eventhough I had to run some errands. I'll do that tomorrow. If it's not raining =o=. Everything in my backpack was wet too ergh.

On another note...!

here are the classes that I'm taking this semester! Collapse )

New apartment I moved into recently is okay so far EXCEPT for the INSANE ELECTRICITY BILL that just came in. $192 WTF. Previous apartment's average bill was about $110 for THREE and there's only TWO of us here now. We should be using about the same amount of electricity from before if not less D: And I signed a 1 year lease too this time so I'm probably going to be stuck here for a year :( I can only hope the bill goes down as the weather cools off in October :( So other than that, I like the apartment just fine... It's in a better area too. About 10 minutes of walk to the Mall, and some food places right opposite (I think I will be eating Subway a lot in the future =X)

Will probably try to take some pictures next time...
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